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[RAMO Seminar] Introduction of 3GPP RAN/NW slicing standardization

Speaker: Hyun-jung Choi, LG Electronics Inc, Seoul

Venue: Online by Zoom

Date & Time: Thursday 24th November 2022, 15:00 ~ 16:00

It started with a description of the 5G architecture and system defined by 3GPP, followed by an overview of the 3GPP protocol and an introduction and explanation of the 3GPP working group at LG Electronics. An overview of RAN/Network slicing, which is a hot topic these days, standardization trends, and explanations of currently supported and planned functions were provided. Overall, it was a very informative seminar for those who do communication research, consisting of the basic contents and definitions of technology, the current status of the application, the direction of development, and the presentation of the future vision.

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