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Research Components of RAMO

Our team of researchers has been working on this exciting field for many years, with a focus on exploring the latest advancements and developing innovative solutions that can enhance the scalability of wireless communication systems.

Our focus is on designing algorithms that are both communication efficient and effective, combining a variety of learning techniques to achieve optimal results. Drawing on simulations and mathematical models of communication systems, we specialize in developing innovative algorithm proposals that are grounded in real-world applications.


At our lab, we take pride in translating our research into practical solutions that make a difference in the world. Our team has developed and demonstrated a wide range of systems, including control for drones and robots, vehicle-to-vehicle communication, smart factories, and spectrum sharing systems. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is possible and applying our expertise to solve pressing problems in society.


Our research is organized into three main categories, each with its own focus and unique contributions to the field. To learn more about each area, please click on the text at each end of the pyramid.

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