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[RAMO Seminar] What's new CES 2022 ?

Speaker : Jong-wook Lee, Senior researcher, Samsung Securities Co., Korea

Venue : Online by Zoom

Date & time : Tuesday 14th Feb 2022, 14:00~15:00

Abstract : Through numerous product previews that appeared at CES 2022, the world's largest tech exhibition, the latest technology trends and a glimpse into the future technology direction. This seminar consists of 'The Convergence of Metaverse', 'Multi-device connectivity is the beginning of service', 'Struggle for home appliance platform hegemony', 'Now is the era of high-performance computing', and 'Mobility: Redefining and expanding value'. Through this, we grasp the latest trends and finally come to the conclusion that hardware manufacturers need to expand their software/services.

Keywords : CES2022, Samsung, Qualcumm, Metaverse, Digital twin, Multidevice, Mobility

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