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[RAMO Seminar] Ambient IoT - Zero Energy Massive Machine Type Communications for 6G

Speaker: Riku Jäntti, Aalto University, Finland

Venue: Engineering Hall D, 508

Date & Time: Wednesday 1st February 2023, 11:00 ~ 12:30

Abstract: Internet of Things (IoT) has received much attention during the recent years, and it is seen as one of the key technologies enabling digital disruption of the society. Cellular IoT technologies offer a way to connect various sensor and actuator devices to the Internet by utilizing existing mobile networks. Most of the existing IoT devices are battery powered which limits their operation time. Some IoT devices are designed to fail once their batteries are depleted contributing to the ever-increasing pile of e-waste. Even if changing batteries would be possible, it could be too expensive due to the high cost of the needed labor. 3GPP has recently started a Study on Ambient IoT (AIoT) aiming to develop new massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC) solution for mobile networks that would support devices that require several orders of magnitude less power than the existing 3GPP low-power wide area connectivity solutions. Backscatter communications is seen as one of the key technology enablers AIoT. In this talk, we discuss how backscatter communications could be integrated with mobile communications systems. We demonstrate the feasibility of the solution by showing how in Long Term Evolution (LTE) networks, the Cell Specific Reference Signal (CRS) could be utilized as a signal source and User Equipment (UE) channel estimator could be utilized as a reader (receiver) for the backscatter transmitter.

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