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Project : Verification of 5G-KOREN based Edge Computing for Smart factory

< Pangyo AI Network Lab Remote Demonstration>

Our research team completed the project in which we validated edge cloud computing for smart factory based on 5G network and KOREN(KOrea advanced REsearch Network).

Following the goal to establish AIㆍSmart Factory of the South Korea's Government, the testbed of cloud edge computing was constructed using KOREN and AI to progress a step forward to a completion of smart factory establishment in South Korea. As a request of a factory that has difficulties to build infrastructure for smart factory, the individual factory-customized solution was proposed by utilizing computing resources in various locations.

The infrastructure was built based on 5G and KOREN to process data obtained from the factory with a low latency to classify the recycle bottle in boxes on moving conveyor belt utilizing edge computing and AI method. Our process would be able to help the factory to make less manual effort for bottle classification and quantity calculation in a economically efficient way. Daesun drink factory makes various kinds of soju production.

One patent was applied for method of recycle bottle classification and quantity calculation through multi-camera-based sequential machine vision. It is expected to decrease the dependence on foreign technology and enhance the cooperation ecosystem of domestic small and midsize businesses and university.

< Left : The built system(Daesun), Right : Gripper for demonstration(Yonsei) >

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