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[NeurlPS workshop 2022] Differentially Private CutMix for Split Learning with Vision Transformer

Authors: Seungeun Oh, Jihong Park, Sihun Baek, Hyelin Nam, Praneeth Vepakomma, Ramesh Raskar, Mehdi Bennis, and Seong-Lyun Kim

This work is to be presented at NeurIPS 2022 INTERPOLATE Wksp.

Recently, vision transformer (ViT) has started to outpace the conventional CNN in computer vision tasks. Considering privacy-preserving distributed learning with ViT, federated learning (FL) communicates models, which becomes ill-suited due to ViT’s large model size and computing costs. Split learning (SL) detours this by communicating smashed data at a cut-layer, yet suffers from data privacy leakage and large communication costs caused by high similarity between ViT’s smashed data and input data.

Motivated by this problem, we propose DP-CutMixSL, a differentially private (DP) SL framework by developing DP patch-level randomized CutMix (DP-CutMix), a novel privacy-preserving inter-client interpolation scheme that replaces randomly selected patches in smashed data. By experiment, we show that DP-CutMixSL not only boosts privacy guarantees and communication efficiency, but also achieves higher accuracy than its Vanilla SL counterpart. Theoretically, we analyze that DP-CutMix amplifies Rényi DP (RDP), which is upper-bounded by its Vanilla Mix-up counterpart.

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