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Constructing 3-Dimensional 5G Coverage Map for Real-time Airborne Missions

In both urban and rural firefighting scenarios of EUKR PriMO-5G project (, highly demanding (from both computing and communication perspectives) aerial missions need to be accomplished through 5G. The following work focuses on innovative ways to sample aerial 5G throughput using real field data collected from our 5G-UAV testbed platform. We will be presenting at MobiCom 2020 poster session.

5G coverage map is adjusted with UCB-based algorithms, which determines the next path; then the coverage map is updated with the new sample.

Abstract: With recent deployments of the fifth generation (5G) network and advances in unmanned aerial vehicles, diverse airborne missions that provide high resolution aerial imagery in real-time are possible. However, a reliable inference of 3D cellular coverage is required to provide seamless imagery. As a part of intercontinental 5G testbed activities within Korea-EU 5G Project (PriMO-5G), we construct 3D 5G coverage map manually, to present insights regarding 3D coverage and how to construct its map efficiently. We then devise algorithms for constructing 3D coverage map simultaneously with real-time airborne missions in a cost-effective manner.

Authors: Sejin Seo, Seunghwan Kim, Sujin Kook, Sihun Baek, and Seong-Lyun Kim, "Poster: Constructing 3-Dimensional 5G Coverage Map for Real-time Aerial Missions," to be presented at ACM MobiCom 2020, London, UK, Sep. 2020.

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