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Our work has been selected recipients of the IEEE Heinrich Hertz Award

Fig 1. Proposed structure of 'BlockFL'

Fig 2. From left are Kim Seong-Lyun, Kim Hyesung, Park Jihong, and Mehdi Bennis.

We are pleased to announce that our work "Blockchained On-Device Federated Learning" has been selected as recipients of the IEEE Heinrich Hertz Award. This paper proposed "BlockFL," which uses deep neural networks in a distributed manner for next-generation (6G) communications.

This paper has been recognized as the IEEE Communications Society's Top Popular Article and the Web of Science's most cited top 1% paper (Highly Cited) since its publication in 2020. Furthermore, it was also selected as one of the top 3 papers by our university's FWCI in 2021. Read more(Korean):

Reference: Kim, H., Park, J., Bennis, M., and Kim, S. L. "Blockchained on-device federated learning," IEEE Communications Letters, 24(6), 1279-1283, 2019.

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