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Welcome to the Yonsei RAMO website.

RAMO (Robotic And MObile networks laboratory) is led by Prof. Seong-Lyun Kim. The lab belongs to the School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Yonsei University, Seoul.

RAMO's main research and education area falls within wireless communication networks and machine learning. In particular, RAMO is focusing on five major issues: ultra-dense cellular networks, dynamic spectrum sharing & interference-limited networks, machine & robotic networks, and ML based intelligent Mobile Edge Computing (MEC) systems.

Interdisciplinary approach (a hybrid of wireless communications, control & optimization, economics, and deep learning) is quite natural and highly recommended within RAMO.

Digital Silence


Collaboration Project in Art & Technology



· 5G/6G cellular networks

· Ultra-reliable and low-latency communication for

  airborne system

· Dynamic spectrum sharing networks

· Machine and robotic networks

· Machine learning & multi-access computing (MEC) systems

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