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Deakin-Yonsei Workshop 개최

2023년 12월 1일 오후 1시 연세대학교 제 4공학관 D507호에서 Deakin University와 연세대학교 RAMO와 합동 워크숍이 개최될 예정이다.

세미나 주제는

-Low Earth Orbit Satellite Communications (By Bohai Li)

-Graph-Based Koopman Auto-encoders for Predictive Network Dynamics (By Sivaram Krishnan)

-Learning Random Access Protocols for LEO Satellite Networks Considering Interference Situations (By 임창용)

-Mobility-induced Graph Learning for WiFi Positioning (By 한규원)

-Language of machines: the emergence of semantics from environment and communication (By 서세진)

-Energy-efficient edge learning via joint data deepening and prefetching (by 국수진)


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